Trustee Scorecard

As a Trustee, Executor, or Personal Representative are you concerned about fiduciary liability? 

Are you confident that you are managing Trust or Estate assets in compliance with relevant trust documents and all applicable state laws?

Do you have appropriate due diligence processes in place for selecting various service providers?

I developed Trustee Scorecard®, a registered trademark of S&K Ventures, LLC, in response to seeing the tragic consequences of fiduciary litigation on families and their advisors.  Much of the fiduciary litigation I’ve seen could have been avoided.

As you may be aware, when it comes to serving prudently as a Trustee, process can be as important or even more important than resultsTrustee Scorecard® can help you mitigate the exposure to fiduciary liability by making sure that the fiduciary processes that you use are useful and effective.

Having a Trustee Scorecard® report in your files may show your efforts to comply with your fiduciary obligations.

The cost for a Trustee Scorecard® report depends upon the size and complexity of the Trust.

Contact me today, using the Contact page of this website, for information about Trustee Scorecard® or see my flyer by downloading:

Trustee Scorecard® FLYER

Note to professionals:  if you have substantial trust and/or estate administration or compliance experience, Trustee Scorecard® is available for license, at my sole discretion, for your use in your practice. Please contact me using the Contact page on this website.

The contents of this website should not be construed as legal advice. Steve Masterson is not a licensed attorney in any jurisdiction and does not purport to be.  Questions of a legal nature should be addressed to appropriate legal counsel.

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  1. Steve Marken says:

    Hi Steve,

    I am interested in learning more about your Trustee Scorecard and the licensing thereof. Is there a convenient time during the week of May 20th that we can talk?

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