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Statements from a Judicial Verdict

In a recent decision, Judge Edward Nicholas included the following statements in his Final Judgment: “Mr. Masterson gave the Court a primer on the criteria necessary to establish a fiduciary duty, both express and by implication. His analysis was thorough, … Continue reading

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Fiduciaries and The Duty of Prudence: The True Impact of Mutual Fund Fees

Mr. Watkins is right on target.  If you have fiduciary duties when it comes to investments, being prudent with investment costs is one of your primary responsibilities. Fiduciaries and The Duty of Prudence: The True Impact of Mutual Fund Fees.

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Seller Financing is About to Get Ugly on January 10

Originally posted on Clint Coons, Esq:
Seller Financing is being squashed by Dodd Frank In 3 months private seller financing will come under the control of the Empire, err… actually the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).   Congressmen Dodd and Frank…

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The Power of Words

The words we use can fall flat or they can be powerful.  You must watch this video and then use the idea to re-evaluate how you say what you say, about yourself and about your business.

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Entrepreneurialism and Jobs

A departure here from my usual posts regarding trusts and estates, but I’m an entrepreneur offering several services and products within three separate entities. The article by Walter Russell Mead to which I’ve linked below hits the nail on the … Continue reading

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US Rankings for Startup Companies

Normally this blog is focused on estate, trust, and related financial and tax  issues.  But I’m self-employed and I am a minority owner in an unrelated start up company, so public issues dealing with the economics of start up companies … Continue reading

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Advice for Executors: Get Help

Having cleaned up many messes created by people with good intentions, I highly recommend individual executors, personal representatives, and trustees obtain and follow the advice of qualified advisers. Estate Executors: An Honor…and a Pain

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When’s the last time you looked at your 401K or IRA beneficiary designation?

This is a minefield that many folks assume is done correctly.  With volatile asset valuations and and unpredictable tax laws changing the planning landscape for many families, its worth reviewing your estate plans to make sure that ALL of your … Continue reading

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Avoiding traps with your Last Will and Testament

An excellent article for those who have yet to write a Last Will and Testament.  Do your heirs a favor and get it done right.  Not doing it right keeps people like me in business.

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