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Who Will Be Your Trustee?

Here is an excellent review of important considerations when choosing a Trustee for your Trust.  These considerations also apply when you are choosing a Personal Representative or an Executor. Who can you trust…with your Trust?

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Why do families fight over an inheritance?

After 28 years+ of experience settling estates and trusts, I could tell many stories about family disputes over an inheritance.  Even in families that otherwise seem perfectly functional, things can get weird very quickly after the death of a patriarch … Continue reading

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Advice for Executors: Get Help

Having cleaned up many messes created by people with good intentions, I highly recommend individual executors, personal representatives, and trustees obtain and follow the advice of qualified advisers. Estate Executors: An Honor…and a Pain

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Avoiding Heir-raising Horror Stories

Encourage your clients to plan intentionally for their children.  They do their children no favors when the kids are given responsibilities for which they are unprepared. Goodbye Family Fortune

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