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Joint Ownership of Property Between Generations

I can’t think of any situation where its advisable to use joint ownership where there’s not a better solution, except to keep people like me employed as an expert witness in the resulting litigation. Top 5 Reasons to Beware of … Continue reading

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Advice for Executors: Get Help

Having cleaned up many messes created by people with good intentions, I highly recommend individual executors, personal representatives, and trustees obtain and follow the advice of qualified advisers. Estate Executors: An Honor…and a Pain

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DIY Wills

One’s written and properly executed Last Will and Testament is assumed by the law and by courts to be the written expression of the testator’s  intentions regarding his or her estate.  Even when its clear to the family and others … Continue reading

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Understanding Probate

A recent article written by Kimmer Callahan describing basic Idaho probate. Helping to Understand Probate

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