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Fighting over Mom’s Stuff

Ugh…kids at their worst. When a parent dies and the children are faced with dividing up the possessions, things can get ugly. But by taking certain steps, the survivors can avoid family warfare. How to avoid fights over Mom’s stuff

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Advice for Executors: Get Help

Having cleaned up many messes created by people with good intentions, I highly recommend individual executors, personal representatives, and trustees obtain and follow the advice of qualified advisers. Estate Executors: An Honor…and a Pain

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When’s the last time you looked at your 401K or IRA beneficiary designation?

This is a minefield that many folks assume is done correctly.  With volatile asset valuations and and unpredictable tax laws changing the planning landscape for many families, its worth reviewing your estate plans to make sure that ALL of your … Continue reading

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Avoiding Heir-raising Horror Stories

Encourage your clients to plan intentionally for their children.  They do their children no favors when the kids are given responsibilities for which they are unprepared. Goodbye Family Fortune

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DIY Wills

One’s written and properly executed Last Will and Testament is assumed by the law and by courts to be the written expression of the testator’s  intentions regarding his or her estate.  Even when its clear to the family and others … Continue reading

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Estate Planning and Problem Children

Here is one approach to planning for children who are struggling with and addictions, financial problems, relationship disasters, etc. Using an Inheritance to Teach Your Problem Child a Lesson

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