Why do families fight over an inheritance?

After 28 years+ of experience settling estates and trusts, I could tell many stories about family disputes over an inheritance.  Even in families that otherwise seem perfectly functional, things can get weird very quickly after the death of a patriarch or matriarch.  Of course, these dynamics keep me in business as a neutral third party trustee/personal representative or as an expert witness.

Mark Accettura has a book out, Blood & Money: Why Families Fight Over an Inheritance and What to do About It.  I couldn’t agree more with Mark’s assessment as to the reasons families go at each other when dad dies.  Read his recent article on the subject here:

Why Families Fight Over Inheritance

About Steve Masterson

Court-appointed Trustee and Personal Representative, providing neutral, third-party, administration of Trusts and Estates; estate planning consultant to families, attorneys, and fiduciaries; and expert witness for trust and estate litigation matters. See my website at www.idahotrustee.com
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